Dramatic New Living Skipper Gift Set

1970/71 "Dramatic New Living Skipper ‘Very Best Velvet Set’ #1586


In 1970 and 1971 Sears sold a "Dramatic Living Skipper Very Best Velvet Set" #1586. This was the only gift set with a Living Skipper. The box resembled the "Perfectly Pretty" gift set, but the graphics showed a Living Skipper skipping rope in front of a shop. Skipper came with a clear plastic X-stand. 


The doll included was unique to this set and was dressed in the same swimsuit like the #1147 Living Skipper and the 1970 #1117 Dramatic New Living Skipper. She came with a velvet orange dress and coat, yellow pantyhose (rare) and yellow flats made in Japan.


This doll sold on eb.. for 264 US $ in January 2018 (very good condition).

The doll's hair was shorter and lighter than the hair of the regular Living Skipper but darker than the hair of the rare pale blonde Living Skipper doll. She was produced in Japan. Her markings were different from the markings of the other Living and Dramatic New Living Skipper dolls, and she was slightly taller. Marking: © 1969 MATTEL INC JAPAN U.S. & FOR. PATD OTHER PATS. PEND. PATD IN CANADA 1967. 


Skipper's head was softer than the ones of the Living Skipper dolls made in Taiwan and looked similar to the the TNT Skipper’s heads. It was attached to the neck with a knob.

This gift set is very hard to find. The Dramatic New Living Skipper doll made in Japan is very rare and probably as hard to find as the Japanese Skippers. 

Please note the box is marked JAPAN on the left side at the bottom.

Picture from the Sears catalogue: